Health and Medical History of President

Lyndon Johnson

President #36
Lived: 1908-1973 Served: 1963-1969

Timeline from 1776: ← 2013

Maladies and Conditions

Johnson was six feet, three and a half inches tall 3a.

infarct #1
Big infarct in the 1950s. He would probably have been in his 40s. Since that time, was always afraid of being alone. [Califano]

ER angina
One resident physician at Parkland, who was on his way to the emergency room after Kennedy was brought in on November 22, 1963, later wrote:

As I turned to continue to Trauma Room 1, there was Lyndon Johnson, being ushered into one of the minor-medicine cubicles... His face was ashen, and he was holding his chest. Only recently, he had had a coronary, and I was afraid he was having another heart attack. 2a

type A personality
Type A personality if there ever was one. But Johnson loved it. "I don't have ulcers. I give them!" 1a

He was a man who was not afraid to show his healing cholecystectomy scar to the press. Famous political cartoon of scar drawn as a map of Viet Nam.

sudden death
Had sudden unexpected death. He was alone. He was found stretched out on his bed, reaching for the telephone [Califano]
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