Medical History of U.S. Presidents - Skin 

PresidentSkin IssueWhile in Office?
George Washington smallpox -
George Washington skin lesion Yes
John Adams boils -
Thomas Jefferson buttock boils -
James Madison frostbite -
Abraham Lincoln premature aging -
Abraham Lincoln corns -
Rutherford Hayes poison ivy -
Grover Cleveland leg laceration -
Benjamin Harrison hand irritation -
Benjamin Harrison pale? -
William Taft sunburn -
William Taft bald spot sunburn Yes
Franklin Roosevelt melanoma? Yes
Franklin Roosevelt cosmetic surgery? Yes
Dwight Eisenhower "melanoma" -
John Kennedy coral wound -
John Kennedy malaria? and green skin -
John Kennedy year-round tan Yes
Ronald Reagan skin cancer Yes
George Bush actinic keratoses Yes
George Bush actinic keratoses -
William Clinton cyst removed Yes
William Clinton nose lesion removed Yes
William Clinton basal cell carcinoma Yes
William Clinton acne rosacea Yes
George W. Bush "fatty cyst" -
George W. Bush actinic keratoses Yes
George W. Bush facial lesions Yes
Barack Obama minor childhood travails -