Medical History of U.S. Presidents - Infections 

PresidentInfections IssueWhile in Office?
George Washington multiple serious infections -
George Washington malaria -
George Washington smallpox -
George Washington tuberculosis -
George Washington diphtheria -
George Washington recurrent dysentery -
George Washington quinsy -
George Washington pneumonia Yes
George Washington epiglottitis, doctors -
John Adams respiratory infection -
John Adams smallpox inoculation -
Thomas Jefferson smallpox inoculation -
Thomas Jefferson dysentery -
Thomas Jefferson jaw infection Yes
Thomas Jefferson buttock boils -
James Monroe recurrent malaria -
James Monroe fever Yes
Andrew Jackson smallpox -
Andrew Jackson malaria -
Andrew Jackson dysentery -
Martin van Buren colds, etc. -
Martin van Buren "influenza" -
William Harrison pneumonia Yes
John Tyler frequent colds -
James Polk cholera -
Zachary Taylor yellow fever -
Zachary Taylor dysentery -
Zachary Taylor malaria #1 -
Zachary Taylor malaria #2? -
Zachary Taylor malaria #3 -
Zachary Taylor fever -
Zachary Taylor cholera? Yes
Zachary Taylor typhoid? Yes
Franklin Pierce tuberculosis -
James Buchanan dysentery #1 -
James Buchanan dysentery #2 Yes
Abraham Lincoln malaria - 1830 -
Abraham Lincoln malaria - 1835 -
Abraham Lincoln syphilis -
Abraham Lincoln scarlet fever? -
Abraham Lincoln food poisoning Yes
Abraham Lincoln smallpox Yes
Andrew Johnson typhoid fever -
James Garfield "ague" -
James Garfield bad cold -
Chester Arthur malaria? Yes
Grover Cleveland typhoid fever -
Grover Cleveland diphtheria prophylaxis -
Benjamin Harrison food poisoning -
Benjamin Harrison scarlet fever -
Benjamin Harrison a cold and toothache Yes
Benjamin Harrison pneumonia -
William McKinley the grippe Yes
Theodore Roosevelt otitis media & thigh abscess -
Theodore Roosevelt ? infection -
William Taft typhoid fever -
William Taft perineal abscess -
William Taft food poisoning #1 -
William Taft food poisoning #2 -
William Taft cold Yes
William Taft cold Yes
William Taft pink eye Yes
William Taft cold Yes
William Taft mosquito netting Yes
Woodrow Wilson cold Yes
Warren Harding mumps orchitis -
Herbert Hoover croup -
Herbert Hoover childhood ills -
Herbert Hoover shingles -
Herbert Hoover GI hemorrhage -
Harry Truman diphtheria -
Harry Truman farsightedness -
Harry Truman sore throat Yes
Harry Truman smallpox vaccine Yes
Harry Truman intestinal flu Yes
John Kennedy scarlet fever -
John Kennedy measles -
John Kennedy reading glasses in youth -
John Kennedy ?sexually transmitted disease -
John Kennedy malaria? and green skin -
Richard Nixon 1960 debate -
Gerald Ford swine flu immunization Yes
Gerald Ford tongue abscess -
Gerald Ford "horrible cold" -
Gerald Ford pneumonia -
Ronald Reagan pneumonia -
Ronald Reagan severe cold -
Ronald Reagan pneumonia -
George Bush staph infection -
William Clinton refused anthrax vaccine Yes
George W. Bush smallpox vaccine Yes
Barack Obama childhood infections -
Barack Obama infectious exposures -
Barack Obama traveler's diarrhea -
Barack Obama head cold -