Medical History of U.S. Presidents - Eye 

PresidentEye IssueWhile in Office?
George Washington presbyopia -
John Adams poor vision Yes
Thomas Jefferson reading glasses -
Zachary Taylor nearsighted -
Zachary Taylor double vision -
James Buchanan eye defect -
James Buchanan eye twitch -
Abraham Lincoln not color blind -
Abraham Lincoln vertical strabismus -
Abraham Lincoln presbyopia -
Abraham Lincoln asymmetries -
Theodore Roosevelt myopia -
Theodore Roosevelt blind in one eye -
William Taft bug injures eye Yes
William Taft pink eye Yes
Woodrow Wilson eye twitches -
Woodrow Wilson eyeglasses habit -
Woodrow Wilson stroke #3 -
Woodrow Wilson pre-stroke Yes
Herbert Hoover deaf and nearly blind -
Harry Truman farsightedness -
John Kennedy reading glasses in youth -
John Kennedy moon facies Yes
Richard Nixon eye blinking Yes
James Carter tear gas eye irritation Yes
Ronald Reagan severely nearsighted -
George Bush eye blinking -
George Bush mild glaucoma Yes
George Bush eye sty Yes
George W. Bush debate medicine Yes
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