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Mission Creep

"In the course of my preparation for this second volume, I have examined in manuscript about forty thousand documents.... Week by week and year by year the notes pile up, and there is born an insidious urge to justify or parade this labor by giving a place in the sun to too much of the resultant memoranda. Thus research may partake of the nature of vanity, and a book reflect a picture of the author's progressive grubbings in such strong light as to cast a shadow on the concerns of the other individual whose name appears on the title page."
--   Marquis James 1a

In his Presidential readings, Dr. Zebra occasionally encounters fascinating non-medical facts that cry to be known.

Presenting these facts is mission creep for this website.

Well, so be it. Facilis descensus Averni.

Chester Arthur John Kennedy James Monroe Abraham Lincoln George W. Bush
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