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The Mad Cow Calculator

What is the Mad Cow Calculator?
Every time you eat beef, your risk of developing Mad Cow Disease increases. Your risk of heart attack also increases (because of the fat and cholesterol in beef).

The Mad Cow Calculator is an educational tool that attempts to answer a simple question: Which is the greater risk from eating beef -- heart attack or Mad Cow Disease?
Why the Mad Cow Calculator?
Heart attacks, by far, are the #1 killer of adults in the civilized world. In making personal health decisions, people should pay more attention to preventing heart attacks and less attention to rare conditions such as Mad Cow Disease. The Calculator backs up that statement with numbers.
How do I use the Mad Cow Calculator?
Click here to start using the Mad Cow Calculator.
How Can I Learn More about the Mad Cow Calculator?
You can read details about the Mad Cow Calculator.

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