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Master Bibliography

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        "Anonymous" was later revealed to be Joel Klein.

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  14. July 2, 2003

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  24. Email to Dr. Zebra Sept. 15, 2005
        Bromley wrote: "Taft never drove. He always had a driver. His driver in Washington in the Twenties was named Tom Ford." It is not clear, however, when Ford was hired or if he was behind the wheel when this incident occurred.

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        Devotes one chapter to each President, through Clinton. Written for the layperson, well-referenced, with areas of speculation clearly identified, Dr. Zebra depends heavily on this book. Dr. Bumgarner survived the Bataan Death March and has written an unforgettable book casting a physician's eye on that experience.

        Presidents · George Washington · John Adams · Thomas Jefferson · James Monroe · Martin van Buren · John Tyler · Zachary Taylor · Franklin Pierce · James Buchanan · Abraham Lincoln · Ulysses Grant · Chester Arthur · Grover Cleveland · Benjamin Harrison · William Taft · Warren Harding · Herbert Hoover · Harry Truman · John Kennedy · Gerald Ford · Ronald Reagan · George Bush · William Clinton

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        We don't normally cite fiction, but this is an intriguing novel about cloning and the assassination of JFK. The book starts in the emergency room at Parkland Memorial Hospital. The President has just been pronounced dead. Unable to accept this, a young physician on the scene removes some of Kennedy's lung tissue and puts it in liquid nitrogen. Many years later, after cloning technology has evolved, he approaches a wealthy industrialist named Kellogg with the idea of growing a new JFK. He recognizes, however, that to replicate the kind of man Kennedy was, the clone's upbringing and formative experiences will have to match JFK's. Thus, Joshua Francis Kellogg's life is carefully scripted with analogs to the death of Kennedy's older brother, the PT-109 incident, and so on. Among Kennedy's medical history, only his bad back is mentioned. Amazon

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        Caveat emptor: no written source for these statements is known to Dr. Zebra. Available on the web at:

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        This was reported by a reader. I have not checked the reference myself.

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        Another fascinating web page from Dr. Zebra!


        This letter is deposited in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. The online version of the letter has been incorrectly annotated by the Library staff to underplay the seriousness of the condition Reagan had. The annotation says the operation was to remove a polyp, when it was actually to remove a malignant cancer well past the polyp stage.





        Sea sickness page was viewed 11 March 2007 at:

        The Massachusetts Historical Society has searchable transcriptions of Adams' letters and autobiography available online. Letters written by his wife are also included. One of variegate porphyria's hallmarks is urine that turns red after a time. On Dec. 15, 2003 Dr. Zebra searched for the following terms in the documents above, without finding any references to Adams' urine: "urin*", "make water", "piss*", "color" (which also included colour), and "discharg*".

        Picture of a set of Washington's dentures, complete with springs.

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        A marginally serious, but accurate review of presidents through 2004. Dr. Zebra is suspicious that O'Brien did not cite all of his sources properly.

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        Pages 209-240 discuss Taylor's demise and the 1991 testing for toxic substances. Dr. Zebra has not read this book. Apparently, however, Parenti criticizes the arsenic testing performed on Taylor's hair because the arsenic concentration was reported as an average over the entire hair shaft. This would indeed tend to underestimate the arsenic concentration if Taylor had been poisoned, because if Taylor had been poisoned, arsenic would have been deposited only in the part of the hair that grew between the time of the poisoning and death -- supposedly just a few days. Thus, only the smallest bit of hair nearest the scalp would have arsenic and the rest of each hair shaft would be arsenic-free. The concentration of arsenic in the entire hair shaft is therefore irrelevant, and only the concentration nearest the scalp matters. This value was apparently not reported.

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